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Monday, 21 January 2013

I don't really give my mum enough credit for what she does for me my sister. Over the years she's slowly stopped doing the things she loved and I feel that we're partly responsible for this. 
My mum LOVES to make things for the house to make it her own, so I thought I'd show you a couple of things that she's made in the past.

This all originated from when we were on a family holiday in Spain. Me and my sister were around 7/8 years old. We were on the beach with my Grandad. He picked up these rocks and told us they were a "Shark's Kidney, Mermaid's Heart and an Octopus Egg" , and us being that age believed him. We ran back to the sundeck chairs as fast as we could  and we sat and showed our family what special things we had picked up along the beach. Instead of leaving the rocks at the beach my mum took them back to the hotel and all the way home with her. A few days after we were home my mum found a frame and decided to frame the rocks in memory of that holiday. Thinking back I thought that was a really cute way to remember that holiday. To some people they're just some funny shaped rocks but to me and my family they are a memory of a holiday that I will never forget thanks to my mums thoughtfulness and creativity.

Keeping on the theme of beaches, my mum themed our bottom bathroom as a beach. She found this ear shaped stone on wells beach, and she took it home with her because she thought she could make something more out of it. As you can see from the picture below she did. She printed out a picture of some water ripples and then cut it into a circle shape to represent the planet. Then she put the ear shaped stone in the middle and wrote  a small poem around the edge. 

I hope that these have given you some inspiration to frame some of your memories.

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