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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I see nearly every blogger write a post on what make up they wear on a day to day basis, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon! I'm a high street make up girl at the minute, as much as I'd love to buy the fancy stuff, I really don't have the money in the bank to be sponging out on the expensive goods. But don't fret, I've done my research on some high street dupes to make sure I get my moneys worth.
Let's go!


1*) I hands down do not go a day without using this, It's the only moisturizer that keeps my skin feeling relieved of dry skin throughout the day. It's long lasting and you don't need to use a lot per application so it's definitely something I would purchase again and again, I haven't looked back since I started using it. In Boots and Superdrug they regularly have deals on Neutrogena products, so definitely keep a look out for this especially if you have sensitive skin. I literally think I'll be using this moisturizer until I die, at the minute I can't find a moisturizer that comes close to this.

2) I'd never really tried primer, so I bought this as a spare of the moment kinda thing. For me it does the job, It keeps my make up on all throughout the day, and gives my make up a matte finish which I LOVE. I've had it for around a month now and I'm not even half way through it yet. I think the price is good for the quality of the product. After I've finished it though I will probably try a different brand, as this is only the first primer I've tried, and I'm sure there are others in the market that are just as good. But this has definitely left a good first impression.

3) This is the first high street foundation that I've actually loved using. The only negative thing I can point out about this foundation and this goes for the Revlon ColourStay as well is no pump! No frickin' pump ahhh! This doesn't put me off the foundation, but it would just be more convenient and less messy if it did have one. So Revlon if you can see this, PUMP IT UP!
Ok back to the foundation, It has replaced every other high street foundation I have tried, It gives a really natural coverage which I prefer. I have normal/dry skin and found it didn't cling to any dry areas which is a huge plus! I'd say it's about a light to medium coverage which I like but it's not for everyone. And guess what?! I did my research and the majority of bloggers who've tried it have said it's apparently a dupe of Nars sheer glow! Get saving the pounds/dollars/euros etc!

4) Stay Matte powder is one I just keep going back to every time. I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to find another alternative that I like more than this. The only thing I find with this is that I find it goes patchy during the day so I have to re-apply. I seriously can't find one that I like just as much. HELP ME!!

5) Last but not least is the trusting concealer. This thing never lets me down when I have a breakout and for 99p you can't go wrong. It's great coverage and is easy to blend in with foundation. 


6) This is one of the best things I've ever purchased. Before I'd bought the Sleek Contouring kit I didn't realize what a difference it made. I use this everyday without fail, I can't see myself without it now. The pigmentation is excellent and it's incredibly easy to blend. Sleek Face Contour Kit comes in three different shades. Light, Medium & Dark. I bought the light one. It's easy to use and even comes with a little booklet explaining how and where to contour and highlight. It's great for those of you who have always wanted to try it (like me) but never knew what to buy or from where.

7) I heard such such good things about the Sleek blushes in the past and until a few weeks ago I hadn't been able to to get my make up covered mitts on them. The pigmentation is MAC standard and its over half the price. BARGAIN! Sleek's make up range is right up there with running water, I just love all of their products, and I can't wait to build up a little sleek collection.


8) I bought this little number last November and it's still going strong 5 months later. The pigmentation is good and lasts all through the day. Once again I think It's great value for money and when it runs out I'd definitely repurchase this. It's also got a cheeky wax to flatten down any wild hairs. You do also get a pair of mini tweezers with it but being the clumsy person I am I soon lost them. The only problem I find is that I think they should do separate colours because I only use the light brown and the blonde and dark brown sit there shouting USE ME.


9) Is my LOOK lipstick, you can find the review here! Overall a great lipstick.
10) Is what I call my handbag lipstick. This is perfect to take out on a night out, as it will fit perfectly in a clutch and is long lasting. I tend to mix this lipstick with my LOOK lipstick (9) to create a raspberry colour. I find on me that the nude looks too nude and the red looks too bold and bright, so by mixing them I get the perfect in between.
11) Last but not least is the Clinique Super balm Moisturizing gloss. I got this as a Christmas present from my Nan, God love Pam. I usually put this over my lipstick or just on it's own if i'm in a rush. But I really like it, so when my mini version runs out hopefully I'll have some money to go out and buy another.

12*) I honestly don't know what i'd do without an eye lash curler. You can buy them from nearly every health and beauty shop like Superdrug, boots, savers etc. I think you all know what it does, the clue's in the name.

13) Rimmel London have always been good to me when it comes to mascaras, this is the most recent one I've been using. Sometimes I like it and other times I don't, sometimes it's a bit temperamental and other times it's my best friend! I think either Rimmel London or L'Oreal are the best high street mascaras, and both of them are within good price ranges. I'd definitely repurchase this!

And Voila, this is the finished face. This is just the basic products I use at the minute for my day to day make up. If you've read this whole post then you deserve a medal. Didn't realize how much I rambled on. Thanks for reading lovelies! 

What was your favourite product?


  1. what is the brand of the eyebrow kit and what do you use to apply it? :)

    1. The brand of the eyebrow kit is fashionista, and you get a brush in the kit as shown in the picture xx

  2. do you not use mascara? xx

    1. I do, I took the picture but forgot to upload it, I'll upload it tomorrow lovely, im knackered now, thanks for reminding me though, absolute life saver :) xxx

  3. I love the Sleek contour kit! Such an amazing product xx


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