Palette Love

Sunday, 31 March 2013

I've never really been a huge eye shadow fanatic. But recently I've read a few reviews and have slowly started to buy more and more eye shadows. I got this one a week ago from H&M (I know I was shocked too when I found it) and It was in the sale for £1. ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!  I was a bit skeptical to start with as it wasn't from an actual cosmetic brand and It was shockingly cheap. I've been wearing a variety of the colours throughout the week at college, and I was pleasantly surprised by this little palette.
 I know It won't be the best quality eye shadow in the market, I was really impressed with the pigmentation and how long it lasted. The Bronze's are probably my favourite eye shadows to use out of the palette as they just look quite natural and don't look too heavy on. As you can see I'm not very adventurous when It comes colours, I like the more natural/nude colours. 

£1 H&M

 Sugar Plum

 (Salmon Colour)

Roman Bronze

Smokey Eye

Tell me what's your favourite out of them?


  1. Oh wow, they look surprisingly good! good going girl! I love H&M I run to that store everytime I go overseas! ahhaha

  2. I also has to say a quick p.s. your eyes are literally LIGHTNING, insaaane!

  3. I love the smokey eye one... so pretty. It's surprising that its only £1!


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