Who do you think you are?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Long time no speak everyone! The reason for my absence is because I've recently got back from Chiavari in Italy. You're all probably thinking oh she's just going to talk about her bog standard holiday abroad blah blah blah. Although this was a holiday it was also a chance to find out a bit more about my family tree. This holiday was all my Grandmas idea as all throughout her life she hasn't really known anything about her past as her mother kept a lot from her. She wanted to make this trip to visit the graves of her grandmas and cousins. One thing on her list was to visit where her great great great grandfather Giobatta Dulcamara was found as when he was just a few weeks old he was left on a church door and the priest found him and brought him up. I could go on forever about what we found out but I don't want to drown and confuse you all as I'm still partly confused myself. It's a lot to take in.

Stefano is my 7th cousin (which I discovered in Italy) and he traced back my grandmothers family tree and found out all the information my grandma was dying to find out; even the simple things like their occupation etc. It really did feel like I was on Who do you think you are? (which is a British show for all of you international bloggers) every day we discovered something new about our family and more and more things started to add up.

It was a really emotional trip not only for me but my whole family and I'd absolutely love to visit Chiavari again as there are still so many more discoveries to make, as you're reading this right now Stefano is visiting churches and searching for them final facts to piece everything together. I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different type of holiday post and it's hope sparked up an interest in your family tree because you'll be surprised in what you find out.

I'll now leave you with a few pictures of my Italian Adventure!

left to right- me, Stefano and Sophie (sister)

Here's a weird little fact for you all, when we were looking for a villa to rent we picked one between these two churches by complete coincidence not knowing that they were there and it turned out that my grandma's relatives that we were searching for were spread out between the two churches. WEIRD OR WHAT?

How much is that doggy in the window

Do you ever wonder where your family tree could take you?


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