Kidecals Chalkboard label review

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back in January the lovely company Kidecals contacted me and asked if I would review one of their products. Kidecals are an online company from the US who sell labels for almost anything you could think of. They have a range of designs from colourful vibrant patterns to simple layouts. You can also personalise your labels with your name or initials depending on what you need them for. One product stood out to me and they were the keycals, unfortunately they are only made for Apple mac computers so it was pointless for me to purchase one, as all I would do is gaze at it lovingly and cry about not having an Apple mac for it to look pretty on. Kidcals gave me a $22 voucher to spend on their site, and this is what I bought!

Chalkboard label Pack of 12 / $10*

 I purchased the Chalkboard label in the cloud design. Now you're all probably thinking why didn't she get anything more colourful?, well the magic behind these labels is that they are like a chalkboard, with one simple wipe of water the writing comes off the labels. I think this is an amazing feature as it allows me to change what I can put in each container without trying to rip the sticker off (these things have the holding power of superglue I swear). This pack of 12 labels cost $10 dollars, which when ordering I thought was a bit over priced, but only when you see them in the flesh you realize the quality. They come in 2 sizes: 3 inch (x6) and 4 inch (x6) which is great when you have different sized, in my case, pots and jars you want to label. Below are examples of what I have used my labels for. The only thing I could fault is the delivery charge as I wanted to buy more but had to use the remaining voucher money on delivery.

 They recommend writing on them with chalk or chalk ink. I used a white gel pen which worked just as well and wipes away just as well (as shown below)

Because the people at Kidecals are so lovely they have given me a 15% discount code for all you lovely readers.

Discount Code:  fashion
(enter at the checkout)

What would you use your labels for?

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