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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

This music Monday I went out and invested in a good pair of headphones. I kept repurchasing the Apple ear phones which are £20 a pair (quite pricey if you don't mind me saying), and each time and they lasted around 5 months and then would break on me when I wanted to use them the most. Trust Issues. So I went out and bought a slightly pricier and better quality pair of headphones. I went for the Marley Jammin Collection Revolution in Midnight. These headphones are now my prize possession. The sound quality is super clear, and the earphones block out any of the surrounding sound to make your listening experience better. 
Although these were cheaper than beats, my headphones were £79.99, a bit on the pricey side but in the long run it will save me repurchasing earphones which would have eventually accumulated to this price. There are obviously cheaper alternatives out there but I didn't want to be in the same position where I had to keep repurchasing headphones, I wanted to get a pair that would last me hopefully for a few years or longer.

So this music Monday I've decided to give you a list of my top 5 songs to listen to on big headphones, because there's nothing better than listening to a good song on some big headphones, as I've recently learned.

1. While I'm young- Max Milner (Man overboard EP)
2. Fans - Kings Of Leon 
3. Settle Down - The 1975
4. Don't - Ed Sheeran
5. Paper Hearts - Tori Kelly

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