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Sunday, 3 March 2013

A month ago I was fortunate enough to receive an email from a company in New York that were the makers of the Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment. They had told me they had read my review on the Healing Shine Treatment on my blog (you can find the post here) and wanted to send me a free goodie bag of other products they'd think I'd enjoy as a token of their appreciation. I was absolutely flattered that they had read the post and wanted to send me some free samples, so of course I didn't pass off the opportunity!

I've been dying to make this post since I got the email, and this Friday it finally arrived!!
I thought the packaging and presentation was really well done and thought through. The box looked like as if it was treasure chest and there were definitely some treasures inside! They put a straw type material in the bottom of the box which stopped the products moving around as much and in general added that little something special to the presentation.



3x Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment

(You can buy these particular ones in Primark for £2.50)

3x Natural Essentials- Leave In INSTANT Conditioning Treatment

3x Macadamia Oil Exotic Shine Treatment

1x Macadamia Oil- Hot Oil Treatment

2x Natural Essentials- Complete Conditioning Treatment

2x Macadamia Oil- Conditioning Hair Treatment

2x Argan Oil- Conditioning Hair Treatment

At the moment the only product out of these that I know is being sold in the UK is the Argan Oil Hair Shine Treatment (Primark) but I have done some research into online sellers and the best place I've found is eBay. eBay sells a few of the Oils but that's about it, If you know of any other sites that ship to the UK then please let me know. Hask are looking to expanding their range in the future, so hopefully all these luscious treatments will soon be available on UK shores.

I can't wait to try all of these, and I will be making future blog posts on each product which I hope you'll all enjoy reading.

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  1. I'd lovvvve to try this! I bet your hair looks great

    xo Ashley

  2. Ooh lucky you!!!
    Bet your hair is luscious now!



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