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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ok my birthday was now over a month ago now but better late than never right?
Now the real reason I'm only now posting this is because I've only just finished spending my birthday money so I thought it would be a nice idea to share 'Beauty wise' what I spent my birthday money on and give them all a quick review.

I love when I find something that really does what it says on the tin. The reason that it stood out to me so much is that I have a lot of redness on my skin and this promised to conceal it and it's the first foundation I've tried that has kept my face blotch free for the whole day. Even though I have dry skin, this foundation really works for me. The foundation alone is £25 but I thought for an extra £25 I could try out the primer, warmth All-over face colour, mineral veil and the brushes and I can tell you it was worth every penny! You literally only need one layer of this stuff and you're good to go for the day. It's so light that you don't feel like you're even wearing anything on your face. Hands down one of my top foundations! 

I was hesitant to buy any MAC foundations in case they didn't look right on my skin, and then that would of been £25 down the gutter, so I spent many months browsing the blogs and reviews to try find the one that would be right for me. I finally decided to purchase (well my sister purchase as it was her present to me) MAC's Studio Sculpt and I was so pleased with it!  I have quite dry skin so this foundation gives me the dewy glow that I'm always trying to achieve. Another plus is that if you do have dry combination skin it doesn't cling to dry patches. You only need to apply an amount smaller than a pea size to cover your whole face, so it's extremely long lasting. I wear this on my longer days at college when I know I won't be back until five and I can still notice it on my face when I get in. I really recommend this foundation for any of you new MAC lovers like me as I think it's perfect for a lot of skin types, if you're not sure then go try it out in your closest MAC store.

Real Technique Brushes

I have slowly been building up my Real Techniques collection. They are by far the best brushes I've ever used and I think they're quite reasonably priced considering that the quality is outstanding. They're so quick and easy to clean. What's really great about the brand is that Samantha Chapman does online tutorials on how to use each brush so you can make your make up look as good as the professionals. 

I hope you've enjoyed this brief insight into some of my birthday treats!

P.s.  Let me know in the comments below if you would like a clothing and accessories birthday haul!


  1. Hi hope you had a fab birthday! Thank you for the review on the MAC studio sculpt, it was very useful :)

    I am a new blogger so I would be grateful if you could check my blog out..

    Thanks lovely

    Jessica Elizabeth xxx


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