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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Thought I'd throw a little something different into the mix, and create a new series of posts where I tell you all a song/album/artist that I'm really into every Monday, and what a better time to start than the present.

A band that I've recently really got into is 5 Seconds of summer (5SOS). I went through a phase where every piece of music I was listening to sounded really samey and just repetitive and boring, things were catchy but nothing jumped out at me and screamed "Hey listen to me I'm different". Music for me is a big part of my day to day life, I listen to it everyday on Spotify, on the radio in the car and on TV. It was just getting to the point where I just wasn't listening to a song the whole way through, I was just flicking and skipping. 
Back in February/March I heard their single "She looks so perfect" and I was instantly hook, line and sinker. I went on Spotify and downloaded the EP when it came out and was listening to some of their other tracks and each song was different and had a different sound to it, which was literally music to my ears. I went on YouTube, checked out their YouTube channel (I'd heard of them before this year, just never gone onto explore their music) and was just listening to their music and it was just different and new and I was just loving listening to something so new and refreshing. They're a Pop/rock band, more songs are more pop than others and some are more rock, it's a good mixture. I'd say check them out but you all probably know who they are and what they're about but I just wanted to share this growing love (bordeline obsession) of their music.

Their new EP "Don't Stop" came out yesterday, which has lived up to it's high expectation, more rockier than the She Looks So Perfect EP which I loved! My favourite track on this EP which I've had on repeat all day is "If You Don't Know" it's one which i'm desperate to see live but It's only available on the physical EP, so I suggest if this sounds like your type of music then go grab it and have a listen. I wish I would of jumped on the bandwagon sooner.
I can't wait to hear their debut album which comes out in a few weeks, it's going to be my go to summer album!

What's your Music Monday?

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