Summer Essentials

Sunday, 15 June 2014

In the summer I like to go back to basics to give my face and body the well needed break it needs. So I thought I'd show you my staple essentials that I use on a day to day basis to make sure i'm feeling peachy in these summer months.

Top Row (left to right)
Rimmel London's BB Cream: I only tend to use this when I know I will be leaving the house or going out for the day, not when I'm having a chill day at home. It's a 9-in-1 product which I love as it just saves you splurging on multiple products, the more space in my makeup bag the better. It claims that it primes, moisturises, minimises pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps protect (SPF 25) I'd say it does the majority of these things apart from minimise pores (but I can't seem to find anything on the market that can). It's medium coverage, which is buildable , but you have to remember that its not a foundation so it won't be as high a coverage, it's a sheer cover up which gives you a bit more colour and brightens up your face. It's been my go to product, as it's quick and easy to apply, which means I can be out of the house within 10 minutes.

Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer: I use this before applying my BB cream. I use it to cover up my dark under eye circles. I find that it covers them perfectly and brightens up my eyes making me look wide awake and ready for the day ahead. I also use it on the top of my lid as an eye shadow base/primer, as it conceals my veins on my eyelid (too much information?) and just gives me a nice balanced fleshy undertone to build upon with my eye shadow.

Vaseline Rosy Lips: I live for this product, it is hands down the only lip balm that will get rid of the crustiness of my lips. It works as a lip balm and tint, the Vaseline inside is the colour of the outside of the packaging, so it literally does what it says on the tin and gives me rosy lips. I've tried the other Vaselines (Original, Aloe Vera etc.) but I find they just don't work as well, I think this is because the "Rosy Lips" uses Rose and Almond oil in its formula, and Almond oil used to be my savior when I was a child. PRAISE THE LORD FOR ALMONDS AND THE OIL THEY POSSESS

Bottom Row (left to right)
Vaseline Spray & Go: Keeping to the theme of Vaseline (oh hey that rhymed) last summer I became addicted to their spray on body moisturiser. I just found it so quick and no hassle to use, it absorbs in seconds and would leave my whole body smelling of cocoa butter and as soft as a baby's bottom. I have quite sensitive skin so I have to careful when it comes to moisturiser, face creams, make up wipes etc. It's like skin care roulette, will I or won't I come out in a red rash all over my body? Anyway back on track, I found this so gentle upon the skin and it just smelt quite natural and not filled with hundreds of chemicals. Again it does what it says on the tin "Spray & Go".

Lacura Aqua Complete Serum: I've heard so many good things about Aldi's skincare range so I decided to try it out myself and I haven't looked back since. I apply this every day and night and it's supposed to help your skin hold and lock in moisture. My face always goes quite dry and scaly which isn't fun, and this just rejuvenates and prepares my face for the next day. Some days I use the serum as a moisturiser alone, which has shown the massive improvement in my skins moisture levels, and I've found since not using such a heavy moisturiser that my skin's had less blemishes and unwanted guests. Pleasantly surprised by a supermarket brand.

Nivea Powder Touch Deodorant: Just your bog standard deodorant. This deodorant uses some kind of talcum powder formula which when sprayed on, stops the appearance of sweating as it dries it up and keeps your armpits dry all day. The smell is very reminiscent of talc and white musk, which is a smell that I love! Just a perfect deodorant for those hot summer days.

What is one of your summer essentials?

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